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Shear Organics Offering Eco & Vegan Friendly Hair Colour, Hair Care & Skin Care

Summary: Shear Organics, a Utah based salon is offering eco & vegan friendly hair and skin care services to customers.

April 21, 2014: Shear Organics, a renowned name in Utah when it comes to finding beauty and hair care services, is providing organic hair and skin care to its clients.

The salon uses eco & vegan friendly products that don’t have harmful chemicals including ammonia and parabens or among others. Sources confirmed that the products used by the salon are never tested on animals and can be safely used on anyone including those with skin sensitivities or suffering with any other medical condition.

When contacted, Desiree, a master hair stylist & esthetician from the salon said, “Shear Organics started supporting the use eco & vegan friendly products for all the treatments of skin and hair. In this way we want to help our clients have better health, while taking care of their beauty needs. These products don’t have the harsh chemicals in them so they can be used even by people who suffer from any kind of health problem.” She further added, “We are a leading salon in Utah for providing all kinds of eco & vegan friendly skin and hair care services and aim to continue with same in times to come as well.” Experts of the field are of the view that a number of products such as creams, moisturizers and lotions as present in the market are made with chemicals that are completely absorbed in the bloodstream resulting in damage to the skin and also impacting your health.

While consuming organic food provides some protection, it is certainly not enough. Opting for organic creams can be a perfect solution. Shear Organics provides complete hair & skin care to customers including cutting, styling, eco & vegan friendly hair colour treatments, organic facial services, hair extensions and bridal services to name a few.

The salon also offers colour services to pregnant women and people who have sensitive skin.

About Shear Organics: Shear Organics is a renowned salon in Utah that was founded in the year 2008. It became eco & vegan friendly in 2011. 

Contact Information:

Contact Person: Shear Organics
Contact Number: (801) 485-HAIR (4247)
Email id:
Address: Shear Organics, 1063 E 3300 S Suite 102A, Salt Lake City, UT 84106


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